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Newsprint (SNP/Hi Bright)

A low-grade, machine-finished paper made from wood pulp and a small percentage of sulfite pulp, used chiefly for newspapers

Uses : Newspapers, Magazine, books, directories, annual reports, supplement, inserts/ flyers, free sheets.


Specification : 45 – 52 GSM


Industry : Printer, Publishers, Media House, Advertising agencies, etc.


Methods of Printing : Sheet fed, cold set, heat set.

Glaze Newsprint (SCA/SCB)

SC grades, SC A – and SC B (Super Calendered Paper), are uncoated high-quality magazine papers. Depending on the quality they have different furnish and ash content. They are used in a color printing press with high throughput and quality.

Glazed Newsprint is used for Magazines, Catalogues, Newspaper Supplements, Advertising Material and Newspaper Inserts, etc.


Specification: 45 – 60 GSM


Industry:Printer, Publishers, Media House, Advertising agencies, etc.


Methods of Printing: Heatset web offset/Sheet fed offset.

Light Weight Coated Paper(LWC)

Lightweight coated paper (LWC) is essentially a thin paper made from ground spruce pulpwood, reinforced with a small proportion of kraft pulp to add strength. The resulting paper is then covered with coating in which the most important constituent is fine-grained clay.


Uses :-Magazines, Newspaper inserts, Coupons, Catalogues, Promotion materials, Advertising material, Books, Brochures and Other commercial literature, Flexible Packaging, etc.


Specification: 51 – 80 GSM


Industry: Printer, Publishers, Packaging, Media House, Advertising agencies etc.


Methods of Printing: Heat-set web offset (HSWO)/sheet fed offset.

ART Paper(C2S)

Coated papers and cards are commonly used for leaflets and brochures, and are often called 'art paper’  Colours tend to be brighter and the definition sharper on coated paper. Within the heading of coated paper and card are gloss art, silk art and matt art


Uses : Advertising Material, Annual Reports, Brochures, Catalogues, Direct Mailing, Magazine Covers, Magazines, Newspaper Supplements, Flexible Packaging / Labels, etc.


Specification : 80 -300 GSM


Industry: Printer, Publishers, Packaging, Educational Institutions, etc.


Methods of Printing : Sheet fed offset and Heat Set Web Offset


Woodfree uncoated paper (WFU) or uncoated fine papers are manufactured using wood that has been processed into a chemical pulp that removes the lignin from the wood fibers.


Uses : Books, Note books, Business forms, Direct mailing, Posters,Stationary, Wedding Cards & Greeting Cards,etc.


Specification : 50-250 GSM


Industry : Printer, Publishers, Advertising agencies, libraries, design studio, Educational Institutions, Gift galleries, Stationers,etc.


Methods of Printing : Sheet-Fed Offset Printing and Web Offset Printing.


Virgin Kraft Liner (KLB)

Kraft paper or kraft is paper or paperboard (cardboard) produced from chemical pulp produced in the kraft process.A Linerboard made of virgin pulp is called kraftliner, whereas recycled linerboard is known as testliner.

Uses:- Virgin Kraft Paper is preferred in many applications due to its great strength and low cost such  as corrugated boxes,wrapping and book covers, as well as for paint masking, carrier sheet, stationary products, floor protection liners and pallet interleaving.


Specification:110GSM-500 GSM



  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Building and construction
  • Chemicals and dangerous goods
  • Food and beverages
  • Home and personal care
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Paper and packaging converting
  • Pet care
  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Shipping and transport

White Top Coated and Uncoated KLB

Top ply consists of pure bleached hardwood kraft fibres and the base ply is made of unbleached softwood kraft fibres and high quality recycled fibres.


Uses :-  Corrugation and Solid Board


Specification : 110GSM-350 GSM



  • Retail Ready Packaging
  • Industrial packaging
  • Agricultural packaging
  • Consumer Durables
  • Food & Beverages

Medium (Semi Chem)

Containerboard is a type of paperboard specially manufactured for the production of corrugated board. It includes both linerboard and corrugating medium (or fluting), the two types of paper that make up corrugated board.

The corrugating medium may be recycled medium, called wellenstoff in Europe, or virgin, which is called semichemical medium for the type of pulp used in its production.


Uses:- Most widely used to produce high strength fluting mediums


Specification:110GSM-200 GSM



For Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Boxes.

Sack Kraft

Sack kraft paper, or just sack paper, is a porous kraft paper with high elasticity and high tear resistance, designed for packaging products with high demands for strength and durability.


Uses :-

  • As a plastic hazard free paper in paper sacks for cement, food, chemicals, consumer goods, flour bags etc.
  • Electrical insulation in large oil-filled transformers.
  • Paper grocery bags, multiwall sacks, envelopes and other packaging.
  • An inexpensive material for lining particle boards.
  • The base paper for sandpaper.
  • As wrapping for flower bouquets.


Specification : 45GSM-150 GSM


Industry:- Cement, food, chemicals, consumer goods, flour bags etc.

Bleached Kraft

We hold expertise in offering our valuable clients a wide variety of Bleached Kraft Paper in all GSM and standard sizes. This paper is used for different purposes like making paper bags, shopping bags, pouches, medical pouches, white paper bags etc. This paper is used for making kraft paper bags, white paper bags etc.


  • Highly durable

  • Superior tear strength

  • Light weight

  • Smooth surface finish



A paper which is coated and then super calendered (polished) on one side only.

Uses:- Label ,Greeting Card

Specification:50-150 GSM


Industry:- Greetings cards ,Sachet and label stock.


Methods of Printing:

Web /sheet-fed printing.

Base Paper (SCK)

Super calendared Kraft release paper is also known as SCK release paper. It is among the most widely used release liner. It is manufactured by taking a highly calendared Kraft paper and coating one of its sides with silicone release agent.

Super calendared Kraft paper is a very dense paper provides an excellent base for silicone coating in label application. With uniform caliper, it has superior die cut ability.

Specification: 60-90 GSM



  • Label Stock
  • Packaging Envelopes
  • Hygienic  (medical) Products
  • Foam


Methods of Printing:

Web /sheet-fed printing.

Release Liner (CCK)

It is coated on one or both sides with a release agent, which provides a release effect against any type of a sticky material such as an adhesive or a mastic

Specification:70-150 GSM



  • Pressure-sensitive labels
  • Pressure-sensitive tape
  • Self-adhesive plastic sheet


Methods of Printing:

Web /sheet-fed printing.

Folding Box Board(FBB)

Folding boxboard, also referred to as FBB, is a paperboard grade made up of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp.This grade is made up of mechanical pulp in between two layers of chemical pulp.


Uses : health and beauty products, frozen, chilled and other foods, confectionaries, pharmaceuticals, graphical uses and cigarettes.


Specification 170-450 GSM


Industry Printer Packaging .


Methods of Printingsheet-fed printing.

Solid Bleached Kraft (SBS))

Solid bleached board (SBB) or solid bleached sulphate (SBS) is a virgin fibre grade of paperboard. This grade is made purely from bleached chemical pulp and usually has a mineral or synthetic pigment coated top surface in one or more layers (C1S) and often also a coating on the reverse side (C2S).

Uses Bookbinding, beverage carriers, Stationery, Manufacturing of Paperboard, Packaging & Box Making, Food Packing, Packaging Aroma and Flavor Sensitive Products, Luxury  Packing, Metal Coating, etc.


Specification 90-500 GSM


Industry Printer, Publishers, Packaging, etc.


Methods of Printingsheet-fed printing.



Indenting of printing and packaging grade Paper .

We have partnership with leading paper mills for supply of these grades. We have partnership with leading paper mills and Trading houses for supply of these grades.

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